Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa times Two

Here are two Santas I made using a canvas type fabric which would be sturdy and handle a gesso coating and paint.  These were fun to make and to experiment with different media other than my usual primitive tea dyed style.  I forget the designer of this or would give him credit. 

Another Santa I made is using wool for clothing, sheep's wool for beard locks and tree trim candy cane to hold.  His pants were vintage worn blanket.
By the way, my grandson made his presentation as Albert Einstein in his class project at school today.  He was so stressed and was SO happy to have it over with.  Here is a picture of my wonderful grandson Zach in costume just before school.  Grandma made the wig and mustache, but appears grandma should have given Einstein a bit of a hair cut before he left for school.  However, Einstein DID have unruly and long hair which is what we were trying to achieve as it was in the making.
Believe me I have numerous other photos of Zach in costume and while I'm very proud didn't want to bore you with more photos.  BTW, Zach is 10.

Good grief.... Christmas Day is less than 5 days away.  YIKES.  I've got to purchase some 'what if someone comes and brings me a gift' gift. 

Hope you have a great evening and hope we'll all get through this holiday jolly and wise.  Ya think?  Har har......just throwing in a little humor there.  Please be kind to one another  AND, whatever holiday you are embracing, I hope you enjoy it to it's fullest with your family.



  1. What a great Einstein!
    LOVE your Santa in white. You are too darned talented.
    Merry Christmas, my friend.
    Hugs :)

  2. He looks fabulous!
    Love the hair!
    Great Santas, I love the white one!
    Hope you have a wonderful friday & weekend!

  3. Your grandson's costume is great !
    I love the "what if someone comes and brings me a gift"...I keep a few of "those gifts" also. ;)

  4. Love the different Santas you have made. I didn't even get mine out this year, but used all my nativities instead. Kinda miss the Jolly Guy! LOL

  5. What a delight the painted Santas are. Is it something the casual crafter could make or do you need to be artistic for the painting to come out right?


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