Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Next Mat Reveal

No loops have been pulled yet and probably won't start tonight so that a few more loops can be pulled on the geometric.  But if you recall when I gave you rug shows last month, there were several hooked penny rugs and thought it was a great way to use up more wool worms. 

Particularly since the geo gets boring but while the wool worm stash is out may as well make good use of the source and hook penny rugs.  Also to use up those #8 strips.  Once upon a time I thought the #8 was a wide cut.....that is until I tried my first #8.5 and then the #8 seemed like a #6 sliding on my hook.  My cut size of choice now is #8.5 and #9 so using up all those #8 strips will be wonderful.
This is the smallish mat I drew out this morning.  As you surmised from the picture, my project will be a hooked penny rug.  For reference, the circles measure 2" in diameter and I drew a 1 1/2" border.  So if you would like to join in and play, post on your blog and share, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with....check out the inspirational eye candy further down.

I'm sure that at first glance the picture looks confusing.  First, I used a scrap piece of linen left over from a previous project; I never throw away linen which could be used for something.  And must mention that when I draw a pattern to sell it goes out with an ample margin.  But when I draw something for myself to hook I use what I have and sew on a 'cheater' margin.

Since the pennies are rounded I liked the idea of having rounded corners too, which would lend a softness  to the piece rather than sharp turns.  Hey, who knows I just might change my mind as I get hooking.  You've seen me in action before by pulling out wool and re-hooking.

You probably also noticed that I've done my pre-binding stitching 1" all the way around the design.  Since I know for sure the border won't be larger than the 1 1/2" decided to do the stitching as it is easier to do before it is hooked.  Well since this is a small mat this one wouldn't be a problem like the larger pieces, but still it is all done now and ready to go when it is hooked.

In previous posts I've given you rug shows with hooked penny rugs.  Some of what you're about to see are repeats but fun to look at again all the same.  Perhaps something here will inspire you to draw out your own mini-rugette.


Okay guys and gals, there are lots of ideas for you to ponder and draw out your own little mat, chair pad, mug rug, etc.  Circles can't be copyrighted.  I used the top of a dog vitamin container to draw my circles and played by ear as to how much space I wanted between the circles and how large for the border. 

JOIN ME!!!!  Let us all De-Worm.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!



  1. I always love a circle rug! I think they look good in any decor, be it modern or primitive. Can't wait to see what version you end up hooking!

  2. I also love circle rugs!! I might have one drawn somewhere!!

  3. Your rug-bunctiousness over your penny rug and using up worms is contagious! Have to put that on my list for a simple project to lend me more practice. :) happy hooking.

  4. I will join you. I have been mussing over a rug for 2 months now. Trying to decide on a background, everything I try clashes or cancels out something else in the rug. So I can really use a nice fun project.

  5. It is funny you suggested this hook-along......I just started to draw a design like this , but I wasn't sure if I wanted circles or helped me decide !!! I like the curved corners too.

  6. Saundra,
    Not sure if I will join in. Want to but I was trying to convince myself to forge on with my What Nots rug until I head to Susan Feller's in a couple weeks.
    I, too have lots of #8s, but I don't like hooking with them, not one little bit. I consider that a fine!
    Thanks for the rug show. So much inspiration.
    Happy Sunday & happy hooking to you.
    Hugs :)

  7. I wish I could, but the wool in my stash is the uglies of the ugly and too broke to restock. Will enjoy seeing what you and others come up with!

  8. My kind of backing...use it up...looking forward to seeing how you hook it...

  9. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who likes to work on more than one project at a time. I made a circle rug once and enjoyed it - can't wait to watch yours evolve!

  10. So many beautiful circle rugs,thanks for sharing them.I am excited to see how your rug turns out.Be blessed,Jen

  11. I love circles- they are my favourite motif. Thanks for starring these mats with us!

    Shine on!


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