Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another Decision to Make

The border decision was made after I pulled up my big girl panties and went for it.  For those of you just joining, I wanted a companion rug for a silk painting I did in 1998 inspired by Laurel Burch~esque cats to fit in a certain area. 

For the border my initial thoughts were to have diamond shapes, as in the two cats in the middle.  Or perhaps different sized blocks of color used in all the cats.  Yet that would distract from the already busy cats which are the main focus of the rug.  Finally decided what might bring the rug together was use of colors in the two cats in the middle.  I'd use the zig zag shape in the cat to the left and the colors would make the eye circle around the entire rug and pull it all toether.  Hope it works.
But NOW...... need to choose colors for the cat on the top right (see copy of my painting below). OH, I eliminated that yellow cat as seen in the picture below.  It would add to my angst of an already 'out of the box' hooking project for me.  And ....yes..... I'm still having fun.  But to add that small cat in the equasion or those tiny cats at the bottom of this painting would have been a deal breaker.
Here are my choices at hand.  The orange look close in color and value but they really are different wools.  The pink has a lighter side and darker side but the oranges are different wools.
Another choice is the same pink but a different and lighter orange added for selection choice.  Once I look at all this on the computer perhaps it will make it easier for me to choose.  Plus the flash sure does change things doesn't it; seems to make everything brighter.
And yet another option.  This is a brighter pink and eliminated it immediately after seeing this on the monitor ~ just TOO bright!!!  But thought I'd let you see what was pulled for ideas to choose from.
NOW...... Just need to choose.  Meanwhile I'll hook a little more on the border since that is a more boring task.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!!!!



  1. Love the zigzag...just perfect! It's a wonderful rug so far...can't wait to see the finish!

  2. Love that you share your thought process with us.

  3. I get more confused the more I look at the choices, lol. I notice your original has a darker red on the other cat so maybe you need to go with the 2nd orange and pink shade? Love the dark shade around them and the zig zag was a nice choice.


  4. LOVE the zigzag border!
    Geez. You'll be done with this soon!
    Hugs :)

  5. Love the zig zag, goes with the cats I think. Also appreciate your thought process. As a wannabe hooker (heehee) your comments on the how of a project are so interesting and make me want to choose a project and go for it.

  6. I like your first choice.
    The zigzag looks great!

  7. I haven't stopped in for a while - wow this rug looks great !


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