Thursday, October 30, 2014

Antique Rugs Show

Since I've been on the run the last couple days, plus still binding the Katz rug, figured it was time for some antique eye candy to provide the entertainment I can't give right now.  With all the time I spend on Pinterest you'd think I could do better with my time, eh?  lol.

I like this piece ~ it gives a whole new concept to the hit and miss but using fewer colors.  There must be a whole of browns and blacks in my worm bags so this would be easy to do.  Message to self:  put on list to hook.
Something serene about this colors and again my favorite style background in blocks of primitive dark.

 Beautiful colors and hard to believe it would have that much color if done in 1871.
 I may have posted a picture of this textile (purse) below but I like the colors and think it would make a nice rug.
This one has quite a story ~ the story goes.........  "Handsome Dan’s successor, Handsome Dan II, came to Yale in 1933. In 1934 he was kidnapped by Harvard students and photographed with the statue of John Harvard. Handsome Dan II passed away in 1937 due to complications from a broken leg. Family records tell us that this hooked rug was made by Blanche Paull, the great grandmother of owner’s partner Matthew Carter. Ms Paull was an accomplished artist whose son Tom attended Yale. The rug likely dates to Handsome Dan II’s tenure, between 1933 and 1937 "

Have a great day and hope you enjoyed the show.



  1. Thanks for the many great the 5th one...might have to get a paper pattern ready...

  2. A great rug show. My favorite is the first one. I like the warmth of the colors. They are all nice. Thanks for the show.

  3. Wonderful inspiration....oh, for more hours in the day. And better use of the ones we have!

  4. Those are fun rugs, you really find unique ones that i haven't seen.


  5. Love these rugs, I adore the old ones~


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