Saturday, October 4, 2014

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Rug Hookers

Seems I started out the gate as an over achiever with grandiose ideas for the border of this rug.  And it probably would have ended up as a HOT MESS even if I hadn't gotten frustrated by my math.  This is the undecipherable border with all the dashes for measurements and lines drawn thinking it would be the right one.
Yet, in retrospect decided that would have been too busy a border for the central pattern which are the cats.  So now I want to look at what I've hooked and decide if I want to do two rows of blue or a row beside the blue of the cat color above him.  For sure the bright blue needs to be at the border to bring it all together.  And since those are the two center cats perhaps they should be side by side....OR divided by a row of dark background?  Guess there will be more playing with wool tomorrow.
One thing I know for sure.....the pattern of this I offer will NOT include a border.  It will be for those beauties in the middle.  Besides, the silk painting I did of this in 1998 was only the cats in the middle; I only wanted the extra end borders to fit into a certain part of my garden bath.
Must say that I do like Ali's suggestion with the beading at the edges.  This rug will be on the floor but will be with VERY LIMITED walking so that double wool in places around the edge will not pose a problem.
Have a great evening and get ready for the temperatures to become fall like.  I'm not ready to turn the heat on so will put on sweat shirts, turtlenecks and sweat pants to keep warm until the dreaded heat.
Remember to be kind to one another.  Tis the season coming up with longer lines and frustration.  But just a smile and a fun comment could turn the atmosphere from dark to light.  Life is just too short so let's enjoy it's potential.


  1. Such great color. I love your comment at the end I am going to try and stay out of those lines with gift certs or ordering presents on line.
    stay warm we are cold and rainy no heat on but I have been cooking soup so it must of heated our house and our soul

  2. And people have the nerve to say "all it is is pulling up loops. Why would I need a teacher for that?" Yikes!

  3. I get lazy with hooking and make simple borders, lol.
    I agree, I always try and be nicer and smile during the holidays, so many people are in a rush and grouchy and sometimes a little kindness goes a long way.



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