Saturday, October 25, 2014

Taming of the Tabby

Or is it the other way around?  Yesterday, since it was time to move the rug on my frame decided to tackle the orange tabby cat again (on the far right).  If you read my previous comments about being frustrated with hooking it then you know that is why I decided to hook background for a while.

So yesterday when the unfinished tabby was staring me in the face decided to pull out orange loops and fill in the triangles with the same hot pink.  Well hey, that didn't look right either.  So I stopped hooking, gathered it up and decided I needed opinions from friends and a little liquid refreshment ~ thankfully it was Friday wine tasting time. 

I will often take hooking projects in progress to wine tasting and the locals and friends have come to expect it.  Besides, they get a kick out of saying, "hooker in the house" when arrive.  After explaining what wool I'd pulled out, the ladies and one male artist said I should put the orange back, hook a line here and fill in with the orange there.  None of the ladies are hookers but they do cross stitch, knit or quilt.  So this is what my rug is looking like now.  It seems calmer (tamed) to me now.
Just a little more border to hook, a little more needle felting to do to define some areas around or on the katz, steaming then whipping the edges.  Thankfully it WILL be done before my next camp in November.  That camp will be with Betsy Reed and will be held at The Dunes hotel in Ocean City, MD.  Then it is back to my beloved primitive hooking as I'll be hooking Magdalena Briner's Olde Ducks with Betsy.

Eventually I'll make a pattern from Ali Katz but need some time away from it first.  Also, the pattern will not include those zig zag borders, it will be more square and just the Katz.  I made mine more rectangular since there is a special place that needed that extra length.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.



  1. Perfect! Well, except for that missing part. 😄

  2. Well, you've just confirmed my theory. I always knew wine helped everything! Lol. The rug looks great. What a fun pattern

  3. Well, you've just confirmed my theory. I always knew wine helped everything! Lol. The rug looks great. What a fun pattern

  4. I love how it looks and the cat colors are a perfect blend with the other kitties, but still has his own look.


  5. I had left a comment here but I think I must have forgotten to click publish, in my haste. Sorry about that.

    I love the funky cat design and I think it's charming but I'm still a bit shy about hooking with bright colors unless they are a true color of the object, like flowers and things like that. Old habit dies hard.


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