Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Too Much to Resist

When I saw Sue wearing one of these at Cape May I knew one just had to be mine so inquired where she purchased it.  Well hey, it was from our own Lauren of Rugs and Pugs.  Today mine came in the mail and cannot wait to wear it.  This beauty has extra bling on it which might cost extra if you want more than necklace and pendant of choice.
I also have a silver spoon necklace from Lauren which says Hooker on it which I proudly wear to rug camps.   I'm partial to elephants vs. donkeys, btw :~)

Below is a fish for anyone who may be a Pisces   Wear it as a necklace or make a wind chime out of several of these or all her silver art work.

Lauren also sells scissor fobs with initials on them, garden markers and not sure what else her creativity has conjured up.  
And tomorrow I'll show you what I worked on today.  Yeah did pull a few loops on the Ali Katz but I received an inquiry from someone who saw something on Pinterest that I'd made.  That's a story for tomorrow.

Have a great evening everyone.  And Lauren, thanks for sending my beautiful ELLY necklace so quickly.



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