Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rugs to Inspire

Most of the time when I have a rug show on my blog it is either from a rug camp or vintage rugs, which are my all time favorites.  But also enjoy looking at modern day rugs and some give me pause to hopefully soak up some talent through osmosis.  Here are just a few that I've seen and admired lately. Many times when I see them on Pinterest or elsewhere there is no name identified as the hooker, so if anyone knows who hooked it I will happily change the name on the picture to give the person credit.

This one I do know is called "Victory Garden" by Heather Richie ~ talk about getting the 'birds eye view', you even see the birds flying.  What a wonderfully creative piece.
Look at the 3-D mane, eye lashes and tail hair on the Zebra!  Awesome.
This piece is a double paisley design with cut outs by Sharon Townsend.  Oh bet that gave her fits to finish but it sure is effective and beautiful.
A cool locker hooked purse.  I've got the locker needle/hook, the instructions but still after about 7 years haven't done any locker hooking.  Just can't seem to remove the Hartman hook from my hand.

As long as I'm on this here contraption, my Ali Katzs aren't making much progress.  So ta ta for now.



  1. That double paisley is really cool. There is no way I would ever get it!
    Hugs :)

  2. Gorgeous rugs and hooked art pieces.


  3. amazing rugs! Our guild is bringing in someone to teach us locker hooking this January. I hook with a Hartman too when I hook. yours must be worn with amount of hooking you do.


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