Monday, October 20, 2014

Doing More than Hooking

Yeah, I know we all multi-task.  In all honesty I used to be much better at that when I was younger EVEN when I had a full time job.  Somehow my clock slowed down yet TIME was going at normal rate.  Hey, go back and re-read what I just typed and see if it doesn't make total sense to you.  And if it doesn't now it will when you get older if you're a youngster.

Anyway, the Ali Katz rug could have been further along had it not been for orders recently coming in that I've worked on. A few were patterns but also Hooker Pouches.

Since some of the Hooker Pouches sold at the Cape May shop my inventory was reduced to two so had to make more.  Particularly since there was an order for one which had a Velcro detachment.  Unfortunately that style was still on my web site so needed to honor it.

Obviously I wanted to give my customer a choice so made two and she purchased both. 
Which meant I needed more inventory.  Here is one I just made today.  There is a magnet which goes on the bottom of the foundation to keep you top pouch in place.  That pouch can hold your scissors on top, hold your hook in the pouch or snippets.  Frankly I like keeping my hooks in there.

And for the record I had made ONE MORE with a Velcro detachment which isn't posted here.  So after that one I'm done with that style. But if you're interested in the Hooker Pouch let me know.


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  1. Great hooker pouches. As I've said before, you are just too dang talented.
    Hugs :)


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