Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Whipped Wool Yarn Binding

Well it is that unpleasant chore each of us find ourselves in after enjoying the hooking process. Yup, time to bind the *bleeping* rug.  First thing I did was draw a line 1 1/2" away from the last row of hooking.  Then two rows of straight sewing machine stitches (1/4" apart) were done along that line all round.  Next was one row of zig zag stitch between those two rows of straight stitching.  That extra step connected all three rows together and made it more stable.  After that I trimmed away the excess.
Sorry about the next picture's flash back, but since the camera was close to the subject it is showing up all washed out.  I wanted you to see the corner up close.
Then I rolled the foundation FORWARD and did a running whip stitch using inexpensive thick crochet thread to hold the roll in place.  There is no cord inside as the 1 1/2" foundation rolled makes it quite substantial.  Although it is double work, I find it much easier to whip stitch the edge when it is confined and not fighting to control both the shape of the roll but the wool yarn.
Now to the wool yarn ~ I'm using Halcyon yarn and started whipping at the corner.  Hate hooking the corners because it requires more attention to be sure the area of the curve is covered so sometimes I whip in the same hole (toward the rug) sometimes I move the needle up toward the top to cover an area which shows foundation.  You get a feel for what it needs or if over done.  Sometimes I've even removed a spot of whipping to make it nicer.  Once that corner is turned it is smooth sailing until you get to the next 3 corners.
This is the front top left.  Again sorry for the flash back.
And that same corner on the back side. 
Tomorrow afternoon I have a doctor's appointment so I've got a little something to keep me entertained during the waiting room process.  This is when binding a rug becomes more enjoyable ~ when I need something constructive to do during the boring doctor wait.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. I always roll mine and use that to bind around. My corners aren't perfect, but I can live with that;)


  2. I always use a cotton cord and I baste it in place and whip over. I'm amazed at the many different ways of finishing rugs.
    I hate starting the whipping but once I start, it's not that bad. It's slow going until I'm on the home stretch.


  3. When I first started hooking I whipped all my rugs (using a cotton cord). But I've gotten lazy with my finishing techniques. I have several rugs to bind but haven't had the courage to try my sewing machine again after the "knot" incident ;)

  4. Just whipped my first rug last week. I usually sew on a binding before I hook and then turn the binding to the back. So much easier and quicker finish.

  5. Saundra,
    I've never used the Halcyon yard to whip. Is it a single strand or is it doubled?
    Hope the doctor visit is just routine.
    Hugs :)

  6. Your rug has turned out so lovely!! I love your background style. Trying to learn how to do that; I think too much about it. Will be headed to a hook-in next weekend. Hope to pick up some skills from talented ladies like you. :) it really is a lovely rug.

  7. Have to agree....finishing a rug is lovely, but binding, regardless of the technique, is a pain. I whip all four corners first because they are the most difficult part.


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