Sunday, October 12, 2014

Good Katz Bad Kat

Oh my but there is one nasty Kat giving me fits and I'm considering changing the design of it to make it more hooker friendly.  It worked fine when doing the silk painting but when you're painting with wool it makes it a little more dicey.  Uh, unless I were to hook it in a #3 NO thank you!  The problem Kat is the unfinished orange and pink to the far right. 
Yeah, I know there isn't a whole lot of progress.  That is because I get up and walk away and do something else to get a break from trudging on or changing things. 

With the body design and the tail triangles going on I'm afraid it will look like one HOT MESS.  I've re-drawn so many lines on the body to follow that I can no longer figure out the atlas I've drawn.  So ME is thinking that perhaps I'll leave this side of the rug and go finish the polka dot tail of that lovely dark orange kitty on the left and the cutie behind it.

Of course I love the design and can't wait for it to be finished so I can enjoy it.  But now is the first time since starting it that it hasn't been fun.  I'm sure things will change once I start working on the other side.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday. 



  1. Amazing progress. Sorry I have not been keeping up of late. I like the double squiggle line on your border. Love the colors all so rich with a pop. It will all come together. :)

  2. Not sure what you don't like, but I like how it looks and just a single stripe going across on that one, would be perfect.


  3. And the problem is??? I think it looks great.
    Hugs :)

  4. I also think hooking that one single stripe going down and filling in the rest with the other red/orange should do it.
    You're almost finished!!!

  5. I think it is coming along great. I would continue with the two colors in the cat, but more orange than pink in the body or less stripes in the body I guess.
    You'll figure it out and it will be great.


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