Friday, October 10, 2014

Looking for a Cutter?

Are you looking for a cutter?  If you are, a hooker friend has one for sale and when I wrote her last night she still had it to offer.  This is her original post on Rughookers Bulletin Board:
"Right before Townsend closed its door, I bought one of their cutters along with a #8 cartridge. This is my second Townsend as my original one was misplaced when my wool room was packed up prior to my move into town. I discovered it one when we unpacked some of the boxes that were in my storage unit.
Obviously I don't need two, so I need to re-home one of them.  It comes with not just the cartridge but also its case, wrench and instructions.
If you are looking for one of the originals,  I am asking $550 (or obo) plus shipping.  I don't accept paypal, but personal checks or money orders are fine.
Please send me a private message and we can talk"

And  this is a picture of what a Townsend looks like, but isn't a picture of hers.  This happens to be my original Townsend but is on Townsend's stand.  Trisha's will come without a stand but it clamps nicely onto a tale or you could purchase a small stool from a craft shop in the unpainted wood section.  I LOVE my Townsend cutter!!!!!
If you have an interest, please click HERE to contact Trisha. 

And if you want to compare cutters I did a previous blog post about the differences and pictures of each.  You can check it out  here:

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