Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gotta Pick Up the Pace

Good grief, I've another rug camp and leaving here one month from today and will start a new rug.  Right now my plans are to do Olde Ducks which is a design by Magdalena Briner.  It is all drawn but no wool pulled yet.  Mama's gonna get back to her roots.

However..... as you know I've got the Katz in progress and really WANT that one done and out of the way before I leave.  I'm hoping I can accomplish that feat AND have it bound would be incredible.

Meanwhile, this cutie is unfinished ~ it is Folk Art Horse, a design by Magdalena Briner and the small size pattern offered by Woolley Fox.  So if the Katz are done this will go with me to work on the night before class starts and while I wait for Betsy to get to me.  This picture is taken with a flash inside.
This photo is taken in evening light on the back deck without a flash.
Well guys and gals, time for me to finally do some hooking on that pink/orange cat.  Today I did start with the quilled eyes but that is as much as was accomplished. 

Have a great evening and hope you enjoyed the same mild temps today as I did in Delaware.



  1. No mild temps here in Ohio :( Probably low 60's...but a cold low 60's!
    Betsy as in Betsy Reed? Where is this camp?
    Oh, hells bells. You will be done with both the rugs in a month.
    Hugs :)

  2. Another wonderful rug, you really have been busy working on your hooking. I may try and get my big one finished after the holidays, need one in the dining room and since I already started it, might be a good time to finish it.



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