Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Antique Rug Show

Can't believe it is October 1st already, just where does the time go?  In celebration I thought it was time for another antique rug show, my favorites things to look at. 

And what could be more appropriate for the month of October than this scaredy cat rug.  So is the cat afraid of the mouse?  OMG, this is definitely going on my 'to do' list.

There is something about the worn and faded blotch look of antique rug backgrounds.

Below is a busy montage of motifs which I find very interesting.  Oh but to know what the hooker had in her mind when doing this.  Obviously family, farm, hunting for food maybe and for sure a human connection.
Always a chicken rug and guess that was the staple of the farm life.
Wish I could have gotten the whole phot of this rug.  It looks like hit and miss snow shoes.
Again my favorite type background.
This chicken rug below I've seen in another antique design as a rooster without cats.  I'm wondering if perhaps this was originally a burlap sack of chicken feed which people used as a motif for the rug.
And below is the example I was thinking about.  Same fowl shape and different rug.

Another nice hit and miss border with a soft and simple design in the middle with my favorite blotchy primitive background.
This scalloped edge antique rug is great but can you imagine having to bind that edge?  No thanks.  I'll admire this beauty from afar.
Thankfully my HORRIBLE day ended up okay.  I went to start my car to run errands in the morning and I heard this clicking sound.  I was hoping it was only a battery and not an alternator or starter.  BUT.... was still stuck here at the mercy of a neighbor until they came home.  Finally just minutes ago the problem was solved and my post finished as it was just a battery.  WHEW!!!!!

Have a great evening everyone and please be nice to one another.



  1. I do love that cat rug! Great show thanks

  2. So happy to hear your day ended better.
    Thanks for the rug show. You find the bestest rugs!
    Hugs :)

  3. Great rug finds and of course I love the kitty piece.


  4. So many great rugs to inspire and admire!! I wonder if the ladies who hooked them would be astonished at how we marvel over them!!
    Glad the car problem was only a battery!!
    Cathy G

  5. Thank goodness it was only a battery. We are so at the mercy of these cars! Wonderful rug show. Interesting thought re the source of the chicken pattern. LOVE the scaredy cat!!


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