Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yeah, What She Said

As Lauren posted on her BLOG yesterday, that her Chicken Challenge rug was in the latest ATHA magazine... so is mine.  Sadly I haven't received my issue  yet but hopefully tomorrow it will arrive in my mailbox.  Here is what my rug looked like.  Since I love the blotchy background often seen in faded and worn antique rugs that is the look I tried to achieve.
The edge binding is done using a technique I learned from taking a class with Betsy Reed November 2013 and it suits this rug perfectly I think.  Gives the rug a worn and repaired look; again leaning toward the antique.
This is what the original antique Chicken rug looked like.  That is a photo which was used for the pencil sketch pattern.
Thanks to Deb Burcin, this pattern was offered for the challenge on the Woolrights Hooking Guild Blog.  The free line drawing is on the blog if you wish to participate also.  It may be too late to get into the ATHA magazine but you will have a free design to play with and make it unique.

I have just stolen Lauren's picture of the article which was written by Deb Burcin (thanks Lauren).
And this is the cover (also stolen from Lauren from the e-mail she sent me). 
Sure hope my issue arrives tomorrow.  If you would like to purchase an annual subscription, check out the ATHA web site.

Have a great evening.



  1. Our fifteen minutes of!
    Hugs :)

  2. That was a fun challenge. And I'll add you to my list of famous hookers ;)

  3. Congratulations on being featured, both your rugs are beautifully done. I haven't gotten any rug magazines in years.


  4. Saundra, Congratulations .... I'm glad that your Chicken Challenge rug was also featured in the ATHA magazine. It's fun having famous hookers to look up to. You and Lauren are now famous. You both did a great job.

    Take care and stay warm.

  5. I got my ATHA today and was looking through it, of course didn't recognize any of the names, so had to go back and look again when you posted on your blog. Congrats, nice to be famous.

  6. I haven't gotten my atha magazine yet either but congrats to you all.

  7. Saundra congratulations you are an inspiration!hugs cheri

  8. You know, I love that chicken rug, but I honestly like the way you did yours better than the original. I can't hook, that, but I love free line drawings to play with!

  9. congrats on your rug my friend!!! love it ~ hoping my ATHA mag comes tomorrow?
    happy hooking ~

  10. Congratulations on the finished rug ladies! I LoVe your Primitive Antique version so much better.
    Hugs Marg.

  11. Love the binding on your chicken rug and would love to learn how to do it!! It looks so primitive and old!!!


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