Thursday, June 18, 2015

Have You Ever Bought on Impulse?

Thought so, me too.  Sometimes that impulse purchase ends up a winner and sometimes I wonder why I did it.  Case in point, this antique incomplete geometric rug.
I saw it listed a couple years ago on ebay and can't remember what I paid but must not have been that much or I'd probably have thought twice about it, lol, but then maybe not. 

The listing was fully disclosed; I knew it was on burlap (knew burlap is not a good foundation) and was aware there was no extra wool, it is obvious its a very narrow cut.  Why oh why did I buy this when I know that I hate hooking narrow cuts?

Well, for one thing I've always wanted to own an antique rug but figured I couldn't afford to buy the whole thing...har har har, I'm beginning to sound even more crazy as I continue to type. 

For another thing I'd inherited a bunch of narrow strips of wool and figured there would be plenty on hand to finish the blocks and use up some strips.  The wool you see in the photo is a pittance to the huge bag of various colors I have.  Problem is the white is either too white, too dark, too wide a cut so not enough white on hand to finish.  The only amount in a color appropriate is to the left of that small pile of real white at the top.  Actually it is so right on value it is hard to tell it is even there.

I just pulled it out to look at it again to see if I was willing to finish those few blocks.  I've had it stored in a plastic bag with some sweet annie and out of the light.

And for those of you wondering, at the bottom it says #115 American Heritage but cannot make out the wording at the top except the first word looks like 'Mildred'.

So pals, if you've ever purchased something on impulse and you're still kicking yourself, you aren't alone.

Have a great evening and hope you've had a chuckle at my expense.  Hugs to all.



  1. I am the QUEEN of the impulse purchases. And more often than not, the inevitable regret. Sounds like you've bought yourself A real challenge piece. Good luck

  2. I think we have all done that before;)
    I have seen rugs in our consignments that were done on burlap and the condition was too poor for me to get, but it would be fun to find something on our travels next week.


  3. You are not alone in impulse buying. Sometimes I have to wonder what the heck was I thinking. If this was mine---I'd rip out the last two rows and make the rug smaller, just the 3 completed rows. Less work and less aggravation, but it's your rug to do as you choose. I tend to take the easy way out sometimes.

  4. I'm not much of an impulse buyer but I did on occasion bought stuff on impulse.

    Not much left to do on the rug. Too bad you can't find the exact color wool. Just resell it on eBay. Maybe you you can get your money back.


  5. Hi Saundra... does the sweet annie help to prevent moths and other critters? I was wondering if I should add this to my cupboard stash of wool. Thanks very much, Chris

  6. Raising hand here, Saundra. I am definitely an impulse buyer and on occasion have wondered what the heck I was thinking. My ears perk up when every I hear that four-letter word -- S-A-L-E!!
    Now I am trying to whittle down what I have here and find new homes for everything I "just had to have!!"


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