Saturday, July 18, 2015

Back to the Cave

......Man Cave that is.  Yes, with Chum bound and Black Kitten hooked (but not bound yet) thought it time to work a little more on my son's Christmas gift.  A friend of mine suggested I just finish this one and be done with the rug to move forward on other projects.  I will try my darndest to do that since there is a rug camp coming up in September and don't want this lingering.

Two photos were taken with different settings.  Oops, looks like the rug wasn't placed straight or flattened properly on the carpet since it appears to be slanted on the left side.
The photo above was taken with a flash and the one below was switched to 'natural settings' and obviously without a flash.
My hooking issue now and before was mostly the angst with the beer and mug.  When hooking the first one I struggled mostly with the white wool.  In hooking the foam, side of glass at top and sides it either needed to be a blue white, bright white or yellow white.  Hell, I never knew there were so many shades of white. 

Perhaps after the beer and mug is hooked it will be smoother sailing but for the boredom of background.  At least background hooking is a piece of cake with no thinking, just hooking.

Hopefully later this week I'll post an update on the antique adaptation of the Black Kitten Mat.  There will be a mini tutorial doing Betsy's primitive binding in case you new followers didn't see it before.  Since I need to be at my son's house to have a worker enter I'll be working on the kitten then. 

Have a good Saturday evening everyone.



  1. I think your rug is amazingly real looking. We are our own worst critic..

  2. Saundra, I'm so glad you posted your progress on "the cave" It looks fantastic.
    That other mug will be a piece of cake for you...
    I've been so busy lately that I fall in bed like a load of lead. Get up and work all day until it's time to shower and sleep again...

    I've been working inside all day since they announced rain but it only started after supper.
    I got to pull some hoops this evening. My glasses were so dirty I had to come down to wash them so I could see better. Pitiful...

    Enjoy your rug hooking evening.

  3. I'll admit I had my doubts when you started this's turning out and mug are amazing...

  4. Hi Saundra,
    I also think your rug is amazing!! It has been fun to watch your progress! I think your son will just love it!!
    I am also so looking forward to your binding of the kitten rug!! I think it is just the cutest rug ever!
    Thanks for always sharing wonderful info, especially for us "newbies!"
    Warm Hugs~

  5. I love the boredom of a background!
    Hugs :)


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