Thursday, July 23, 2015

Binding Black Kitten

Before pulling the first loop on the kitten mat I knew it would be bound using Betsy Reed's primitive binding technique.  Also knew what wool would be used for the outer hooked row.  Again, this is the finished Black Kitten Mat.
This is the wool used for the outer hooked row.  It was purchased from Dorr Mill Store and it is color #6913 Brown and Grey Tones Basket Weave.  I imagined the colors would give a rag tag worn look to the edge and with the primitive binding would give it an appearance of having been repaired. 
Once the mat was hooked I drew a line 1 1/4" around the perimeter on the foundation and made the rounded corners as well.  I then did two rows of straight stitching 1/4" apart and between those two rows of did a row of zig zag to connect the two.  After which I trimmed away the excess foundation.
Next I rolled the foundation forward and did a running whip stitch to hold the rolled section in place.  Hard to see unless you click on the photo, are some straight pins holding the row in place until the whip stitching can be completed.   Even tho it is double work, I prefer to tack it down with stitching to be sure the rolled section is contained when I get ready to bind.  Using the word 'bind' very loosely here.
Next step was to rip some black cotton fabric 2 1/2" wide across the width of the fabric and sew the ends together.  Actually I didn't even bother doing a miter of the ends, and my sewing teacher from high school would cringe if she knew that.  I washed the fabric and dried it in the dryer and yes, it got all knotted but those wrinkles help give it an old look.  Oh, as does the stewing of the black fabric and the old cotton crochet thread in a coffee/tea bath.
Then it was time to whip stitch the cotton fabric to the edge of the foundation.  Don't worry about the stitches being evenly spaced or straight as the more rag tag the better I liked it.  It is, after all, supposed to look like an old rug.
And so this one is done and since a friend of mine wanted it so badly have decided to hook another for him.  His will have squared corners and will be bound using cotton binding on the back rather than this primitive style.  Think he'd like it that way better.

Now my attention can be paid to just the background of my son's rug.  Have a great evening everyone.



  1. You are just a super hooker Saundra. Thanks for the tutorial. You are getting things done in a fast way.

    I'm a bit of a neat freak and I would make extra efforts to have all the stitches evenly spaced. I thought that in the olden days every girl was pretty much an expert at sewing and needle work unlike today when most young girls has never mastered the stitching craft.

    I think that your kitty rug looks just beautiful even with uneven binding stitches.

  2. Love your binding ! Just such a Cute rug !

  3. Great wool on that outer edge - I wanna try that whipping finish sometime!

  4. One of these days I've got to finish a rug that way. I know, I know. I keep saying that and haven't yet done it.
    So you are keeping this one and hooking another. You will have it done tout de suite.
    Hugs :)

  5. Loved the way this turned out. I might have to give that binding technique a try. Thanks for sharing the info.

  6. Thank you for sharing--this is a new to me technique


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