Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Goings On Here

Yesterday I told you of the recent pattern sales.  One was for Domestic Zoo which can be viewed at the top of my blog.  Since it is a popular pattern there is usually always one ready to ship; now need to get another to replace the one just sold.  In the same order was this Ali Katz design which needed to be drawn.  Both shipped yesterday.
Then later in the afternoon yesterday had an order for my Mache' Jacks so Deb can get a head start hooking it to display along with her antique mache' Jacks this October.
Also want to mention half of binding Chum has been done, the worst part, which is the outer edge.  The inside will be a piece of cake and go fast so I set Chum aside for today.  Then pulled a few loops on my son's rug and concentrated on getting the rest of the wording hooked.  Will show you progress tomorrow.
And believe it or not have even worked some in the wool room getting yardage a home and rearranging to make the space more work friendly.  Pictures there aren't ready to share yet tho.
Tomorrow will also show you a huge rug my gal pal finished binding recently.  It is Magdalena's Animal Parade.  So check back tomorrow to see what else is happening.
OH!!!!!!!  I would like a little help from my viewers.  On my side bar is a list of "bloggers who hook".  That is my very favorite place to see what my friends are doing but a lot of people aren't blogging much.  SO, if YOU have a favorite hooking blog you'd like to see on my side bar please send me the link and I'll add it.  OR, if YOU are a hooker who would like me to have your blog on the side bar also please send me your blog link.
Have a great evening everyone and life is looking up since my wool room is making progress as is my rug binding.  TA TA.


  1. Hoorah for pattern orders! Now you can justify more patterns and more wool :)
    The wool room is an ongoing battle, isn't it?
    Hugs :)

  2. You have been very disciplined in getting your binding, hooking and tidying up your hooking room.
    Congrats on the pattern orders.

    It's been a bust but fun day today. i didn't even got to pull a single hoop.


  3. Marijo Taylor is a wonderful folk artist from Oregon. She is a good friend and I get to visit with her once a month at our hooking quilt meetings. I think others might enjoy her blog.


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