Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cape May Rug Show #3

To continue where I left off and hopefully Blogger will play nice with me tonight, here is the next rug to show you.  The flash is making it hard for me to see the name but with the letters familiar to me can see it is a design by Norma Batastini and hooked by Vickie Lavigna.
Ah, a more complete photo of the rugs previously posted, guess I wouldn't make a great magazine or photo editor would I?  Anyway, still can't make out the name of the first rug but appears it was designed as well as hooked by Kay Leisey.  The Patriotic Sampler was designed By Cammie Bruce and hooked by Marion Wilson.
So glad I remembered to go back and get a photo of this again when trying to be courteous to other people looking at rugs.  This one i called Sheep Over the Moon, designed by Joanne Gerwig and hooked by Nancy Tiffany.
I'd know who this rug was hooked by without even reading the label.  It is obviously hooked by Cheri Reid.   Could make out that it was designed by Cheri and Sarah Giuliani.
Oh but I love not only the naive hooked rug but also the primitive framing.  Bet most of you already surmised it was designed and hooked by Cammie Bruce.
The name of this design is called "The Tower" and hooked by Michelle Micarelli .  There is no name as to designer so assumed she wished to remain anonymous.  While I never asked Michelle my suspicion is that it was based on the terror of 9/11 and channeling that angst into art.  
Below are two designs by Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios called "Trick or Treat" and "Smell my Feet".  They were hooked by my pal Deb Nees.
Below are two designs hooked and designed by Cammie Bruce named Tulips and Corner Flowers.
Below is an adaptation of an antique called "Washday" and hooked by Kay Leisey.
Welcome Guests is the name of the rug below, it is designed and hooked by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studio
 Below is Willow Bank hooked by Cindy Painter.
 Below and left if a rug my friend Deb Nees hooked using many or all of Ali Strebel's designs from last year's rug camp in Cape May.  She entitled it "With Apologies to Gustav" and is an adaptation of Gustav Klimpt's Tree of Life.
Bet you can guess who hooked and designed "You had Me at Woof". Ding ding ding, if you guessed Cammie Bruce you'd be right on the money.  Sorry, you didn't win a prize tho, sorry.
Okey dokey kiddies.  Tomorrow is October 1st and still have more Cape May pictures so share.  There are the the 'throw down' pictures of rugs hooked in classes until Thursday afternoon and....... AND...... if anyone is interested in seeing orbs captured in pictures I have some of those from years past.  Remember, this IS a Victorian hotel and sure there are lots of spirits inhabiting the premises.  In the 12 years I've attended I've never been accosted but always find it interesting and look for signs.

Have a great evening everyone.  Tomorrow I must run out and pick up batteries and pray the hurricane doesn't barricade our development for no release as happened before.  And even more praying that our mother's house (ours being my brother and me) doesn't succumb to the tidal waves and flood since it is across from the Indian River and near the Inlet.  

Have a good evening everyone. 


  1. I enjoyed seeing the rugs from the show, such a variety of styles and all are wonderful in different ways.


  2. Love the rug show and thinking good thoughts that the hurricane can miss you


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