Friday, March 24, 2017

Lucky Find Cleaning the Shed

Recently I started cleaning out the shed of 'junk'.  Amazing how much debris was disposed of.  BUT.... amongst the trash I found two treasures.  Two dog collars belonging to my departed Shumba and her son Panzer.  Those tags had the address of Columbia, MD where this photo below was taken which inspired my hooked wall hanging.
Had to take a photo of the tags before attaching to my hooked piece.
Tried to attach with the rings but the tags didn't hang right so removed the rings.  
Above is a photo of 'before'.  And below is what it looks like now.  
As a side note, in V of each dog's neck their own hair is hooked in. When they were alive and groomed I'd save their hair in individual baggies with this intent.  Yes, Rotties have short hair so wouldn't be good for spinning into yarn UNLESS you have a friend who spins and used a very thin piece of wool roving to blend in the spinning process. That friend was Leslie Covney of Florida who has since departed.

When looking at the hooked piece you can see their hair texture and it was hooked where the color changed between the brown and black.  I love this and am proud of my work.  The dogs were hooked in #3 wool strips but learned to hate narrow cut so did the background in #5 cut.

I've willed this piece to my ex but if he is departed it is to go to my local veterinary hospital for the euthanasia room.

Oh, just as soon as that rug was bound and hung on my wall I drew out a PRIMITIVE design depicting my girl and boy and hooked it in kind of cut.  Well it was my cut back then but have since gone larger.
Happy weekend everyone.



  1. That is such a beautiful rug and memory and I love how you used their tags in the piece.


  2. That rug is wonderful and so cool with the tags attached!!!
    I don't think I ever saw the other Shumba/Panzer rug.
    Those fur babies sure do steal a piece of our heart.
    Hugs :)

  3. Both rugs are amazing in their own way.

  4. have always admired your small-cut memorial rug ~ and embellishing with their tags are the perfect, poignant touch...and I do love your wider-cut design of them too! {I seem to be getting 'wider' as I age myself...hahaha.}

  5. what a treasure to find...lovely addition to the rug...the prim rug has such a happy energy...

  6. What a great idea for your dog tags ! Love that ! Using your dogs fur to hook with too .....makes me want to cry ....very nice ideas to remember our fur babies .


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