Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mini Rug Show

Tonight's rugs may seem a little more colorful than I usually hook.  But as old rugs appear on pinterest or auction sites they are saved on my flash drive as they are still old rugs and endearing to me. 
Found the rug of two dogs on an auction site but no provenance was provided.  The curles at the top provides framing of the dogs as well as a border of sorts.
The rug above was found on an auction site and was to have been hooked in 1920 on burlap.  With the checkerboard roof, colorful border and fauna this piece reminds me so much of the artwork of Maude Lewis of Nova Scotia. 

Speaking of Maude Lewis, I understand there is a movie coming out about her and am looking forward to seeing it.  For sure I'll admire that little lady for her personal achievements but will also shed tears for those obstacles she had to hurdle in her life.   One day I'd like to hook a rug from her artwork.
The above rug was auctioned off from a horse farm and was to have been hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  It depicts horses running around a track with hit and miss everything..... center as well as border.
Above is definitely an example of the 'outline and fill' for the padula flowers, has the hit and miss going on and using what was available for the rest. Remember, we will use whatever we have to get the job done for necessity or for entertainment.
My oh my.... Mary Follet you did magnificent work.  As you can see she was 12 years of age when she did this needlework in 1802.  It is a stitchery, not a hooked rug but I saved it as there were motifs worthy of using as a template in a future rug.  But hey, beautiful art is to be shared, right.

Can you imagine today's 12 year old girl doing such work?  Just a couple days ago my 13 year old grandson interviewed me for school homework.  There were specific questions asked which were to inform students the differences between youth today and when I grew up.  I think it was a wake up call for my grandson and would have loved to be a fly in the classroom and the bugged eyes of the shocked children.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. I am 100% not a horse person...but that rug with the frolicking horse is great!

  2. I was going to say that I love that racing horse rug! Kelley beat me to it! love that technicolor, Disney-esqe hit or miss! and ah yes, sweet Maude....can't wait for the movie either ~

  3. Wow amazing talent in each rug! Mary's rug is my favorite and knowing she was 12 when she created it, makes me wonder what her other rugs looked like that she created as she was older!

  4. Thanks for the rug show,, awesome old ones,,, love the house one so much!!

  5. Mary's rug is amazing. I have seen samplers by young girls, but never a rug.

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Big or small, I always love your rug shows!! While each rug is wonderful, the one by Mary is incredible! To think she was only 12 and hooked this beauty is beyond words!! So inspiring!!!
    Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoy your Sunday!
    Heart Hugs~


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