Monday, May 15, 2017

Re-Writing History

That is exactly what the writers did to the script of the TV series Underground ~ they are trying to change history.  In the last episode it showed Patty Cannon being killed by one of her slaves.  That is NOT what actually happened.  

Here is the truth Hollywood: 
" In 1829 Patty Canon was arrested for murder after human remains were found on her farm. The remains were believed to be a wealthy slave trader that mysteriously disappeared. A slave owned by Patty led the investigators to other bodies buried on her farm. She died in the Georgetown, Delaware jail while awaiting trial, purportedly a suicide via poison.  "  

And if that wasn't enough of a falsehood, they are suggesting the slave killed Patty so an impostor Patty Cannon can work toward his personal gain to gather slaves to sell for profit.  The show has lost all credibility so I DO NOT plan to watch it any more.  

It is said that quilts had hidden messages when they were hung out to air for slaves to find a safe place.  Below is an awesome piece of art with a photo of Harriet Tubman which was quilted by Shirley Hodge.
Another wonderful freedom style quilt depicting the underground secret code is below.  Note also the music border on the side as the slaves would sing those messages to their young ~ another form of communication for reaching freedom.  

Unfortunately there was no name as to the quilter.  If anyone knows I will update my blog to give credit.
Happy Monday morning everyone.



  1. sorry that show let you down...I was looking forward to watching it...we have quite the Underground Railroad history in my area...especially in the city where I work, Salem, OH...

    1. They deviated from historical facts for Patty Cannon how can I believe anything else in the show to be fact. For Hollywood to kill off Patty Cannon and devise an impostor to be Patty Cannon is total hollywood BS.

      What pisses me off more is that some minds are really going to believe this BS is the truth.

  2. Thanks for the history lesson!! Have not watched any of it, enjoyed the quilts,,,,, thanks,,,,

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