Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Granny Geometric a/k/a Rick Rack Rug

Yesterday's post showed Eric's Rick Rack Rug and I mentioned having hooked one similar but drew it myself.  Here is mine, which is not nearly as artistic or well color planned since I pulled from my worm bags.  I named it Granny Geometric as it reminded me of crochet squares of a Granny Afghan.
Also mentioned the pattern I replicated was from an old book in my library. Decided to search thru my books to find the pattern for you.  Below is the line drawing which can be enlarged to any size you wish.
It was among numerous designs from a book purchased on-line from some source for a few bucks.  You can see it had been retired from a library ~ a book by William C. Ketchum, Jr.
During that morning search also came upon the Nova Scotia design which was Eric's mat pattern I'd admired so much.  That would be the bottom illustration below.  Think it came from a different book during my search.
Okay, I admit that I'm stalling to show in-progress rugs from camp.  Today was filled with 'car pool duties' for my neighbor's kids again, my laundry and feel like I'm catching something.   Yesterday and today I popped Echinachea and as there's no worry about picking up the kids tomorrow I'll be able to sleep better tonight.

Happy hooking.



  1. husband and i are both down with a cold ick. I think I have that book I will need to look. love your colors

  2. Eric's rug is nice but I prefer yours, fun hit and miss colors.


  3. Have that book!
    Will look it up,,,
    Been sick with the bug over a week,,,
    Yuccy,, in bed over the weekend,,,
    Starting to turn a corner,, I hope,,,
    Stay well,,,,

  4. Isn't it funny how having the responsibility for someone else's children can stress us out. A change in our normal routine not made by our choice can be upsetting. But I am sure your neighbor appreciates your kindness. Hopefully you will feel better tomorrow.

  5. I hope whatever you were trying to catch escaped you!


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