Friday, March 30, 2018


Here's a montage of miscellaneous Easter holiday items I've made over the years.  Not long after learning to hook rugs it seemed a good idea (at the time) to try hooking with wool yarn.  I saw this kit listed on eBay by Claire Murray named Strawberry Patch.  Started hooking it and put it away for about 3 years before pulling it out again to finish.  Another lesson learned....I do not like hooking with yarn.  It isn't punched, it is hooked but don't think that even punching with yarn would please me as I prefer the look of woven wool.
I loved making these bunnies below and was a vintage pattern.  The bunnies were sewn and stuffed.  Then embroidered at various places, including face and clothing.  Then clothing painted ~ the boy had a small button pocket watch at his side.  These sold well and wish I had one.  Hmmm. I think there is one started but never finished somewhere in my sewing room.  Oh, and a basket of applique and stitched homespun Easter eggs on the left.
A velveteen rabbit on a tuffet. 
The bunny is a pattern by Sonja Sandell and not sure about the egg, unless it was a painted egg in the same pattern envelope but decided to hook it. 
A stuffed and painted Peter Rabbit and floppy ear velveteen rabbit made around 2002.
Some vintage bunnies which look washed out since the photo was taken in daylight with sun shining directly at my back and into their faces.  

Okay, am done searching thru archives because I want to order some wool from Heavens To Betsy!!!!!!  Received my flyer today and see wool which cannot be passed up.  Uh, like I need more wool...really?????  Check out Betsy's web site.



  1. Need has nothing to do with buying!
    LOVE all your bunnies.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Those are wonderful bunnies and I love the rug.
    I agree, hooking with yarn is not that easy. I have punches, but for me it is having a frame to fit the piece.


  3. Happy easter, saundra!
    Absolutely love that bunny mat,,,,,
    And all ur bunnies,,,,,
    So sweet,,,,
    I dont need anymore wool,,,, either,,,,
    And use alot of yarns,,,, have lots of it too,,,,, so this winter havd started to crochet again,,, after years of not doing it,,,, crocheted a lap afghan and pillow and working on another one,,,
    So lots on the go,,,,
    Take care and thanks for sharing ,,,,,

  4. Isn't wool shopping fun! We all need some place to indulge ourselves.
    Happy Easter.

  5. Nice Easter post today !!! I hooked snowmen years ago with yarn , it was tricky because I kept pulling it out over & over . Wool is much easier .
    Happy Easter !

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Such a sweet collection of bunnies!! You are a lady of MANY TALENTS, to be sure!!!! Have fun wool shopping!!!! Sounds wonderful!!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you chose!!!
    Have a Wonderful and Blessed Easter!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. I remember seeing all of those Claire Murray rugs and thinking that they were wonderful. But I never tried hooking one. Yours is lovely....a real treasure. And I love your handmade bunny collection. Happy Easter.


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