Thursday, May 10, 2018

Am Bored ~ So back to my Hooked Pieces

Still no new project on my frame but at least I've started whipping the edge of Flower Power.  Also started tracing out the sketch of the pattern planned but got bored doing that.  To prove just how bored I was ~  pulled out the vacuum and cleaned up my wool room and organized my master paper patterns.  So you know just how un-motivated I am on what to hook next.

The first rug camp each year was usually in May with wonderful teacher and perfect colorist Barb Carroll.  The 2014 class project was Magdalena's Farm and it has the signature bits of purple.  
Rugs by the Sea rug camp is September and hooked a memorial of my departed Shadow.  That class was with Diane Stoffel and I hooked Shadow in #8.  OOPS, I see that the date on the photo for Shadow was 2013.
Which means the rug hooked at Cape May 2014 was Ali Katz, a design I drew and hooked for a class with Ali Strebel.
November class with Betsy Reed in Ocean City, MD was Olde Ducks, another Magdalena design.
The rest of the rugs hooked that year were on my own at home.  One was another Woolley Fox design hooked was the small version of Folk Art Horse.
The Chicken Challenge offered by Woolrights Guild seemed like fun and this was my version with the blotchy background.  Should probably have kept the hit and miss upper corners but I love the faded background of antique rugs.
Just before Halloween I designed and hooked a piece named Mache' Jacks.  Unfortunately I don't own an antique mache'Jack so made the one on the table and hooked the likeness in this mat.  OMG, I love that mat if I must say so myself.
That year I finally finished hooking an antique adaptation started well over 5 years prior.  The original 1890 antique rug in the style below was sometimes referred to as "Waved and Stepped" pattern, according to the Joel and Kate Kopp book.  I named it Granny Geometric since it reminded me of the crochet afghan squares.  But more recently has come to be known as a Zig Zag rug.  Perhaps that is the name given by the woman who most recently drew and hooked it.  
An adaptation of Pot of Flowers antique was a smallish, easy and fast mat to hook.
Was in the mood for another antique adaptation so drew and hooked what I named The Cat's Meow.  This is the rug hanging on the wall of a log cabin over a bed.  It was difficult to get a good view of the rug even tho the owner sent me personal photos.
An antique design haunting me for some time was this adaptation which I call Hearts and Swags and made into pillow form.
For years on my 'to do' list and finally hooked was the antique Santa and Deer adaptation.  I've seen various border designs and did mine plain so as to not take away from the main focus.
I hooked small pieces like a hit and miss circle mat (not shown) and welcomed people to join me.  And designed an adaptation from the Harriet Powers Bible Quilt piece which I named "500 Mile Betts".  After the Cape May rug camp I gave it to my friend Evelyn.
Hopefully something will SOON motivate me to make a choice of design to hook.  But for now will slowly whip Flower Power.



  1. Your rugs are each wonderful !!! Too bad you found the vacuum instead of another hooking project .....Don't worry , something will motivate you to hook another beautiful rug !!! Sometimes you just have to clean ..... :-)

  2. That's a lot of wonderful rugs!
    I can't believe your made that repro mache jack. So talented!

  3. Your work is enviable. I always enjoy seeing your pieces. What is the "usual" or average size of you pieces? I can never tell by looking at the pictures.

  4. Wow,,, saundra,, you have hooked some beautys!!
    Love them all,,,
    The chicken challenge, ,,, love ur version!
    Have that pattern to do, too,,,,
    Like the idea if using up the grays and beiges I dont seem to use alot of,,,
    Thanks for showing us,,
    You will get motivated,,,,

  5. You do such beautiful work on the reproductions, you definitely have a gift for it.



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