Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Flower Power is Finished

Yippee, Flower Power is hooked and whipped.  I really need to steam it again to tame the whipped edges but was too anxious to post a picture of it.  This was the design hooked with Eric Sandberg in April.
The finished size, after adding the border and whipped edge, is 19.5 x 32.  I purchased the pattern at a very good price from Maria Barton several months ago and the original drawing didn't have a border.  There was adequate space for me to give it a 1.5" border and still have the inch to roll forward for the whipping.  Of course I had to sew a piece of fabric on two sides to make it work on my frame but that was fine as I wanted that border.
You can see the pattern is a design by Cactus Needle and sold by Nola Heidbreder.  Now I can get ready to put another pattern on my frame and start all over again.  Thank goodness there aren't any rugs on the sidelines waiting for binding tho.

Happy Tuesday.



  1. Congrats on being all caught up on your binding.
    Don't you just Maria? She is one of my favorite people :)

  2. oh to be caught up on rugs... I have at least 5 in various stages...no desire to hook but I am working on small quilts...the hooking bug will be back sooner or later...the top one from your last post is on my list too...

  3. Congratulations sauundra!!
    Wow,, its beautiful, ,, really love it,,,, great job,,, the border realky adds to it,,,
    You are like my friend, who is very organized,, and wont start another till shes on the end of another mat! I like, kelley,,, have various stages of completion!! Start too many small ones and have a big runner on the go!
    But have finished a big mat,,, for me anyway!! A scrappy style in handripped I started over the fall and winter,,, will post it in out if hand in facebook later,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  4. Great finish. Looking forward to seeing what's on the frame next.


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