Tuesday, May 8, 2018

One Done and One To Go

Finally knuckled down and finished binding 1909 Horse, not a fun task for me.  Now to finish hooking Flower Power.
If you would like to see the original antique rug, you can find it in the book below on page 131.  However, this is not among the ten patterns in the book to make.  You could either buy the pattern from Emma Lou Lais' web site or if you have the skills, draw it up yourself.
Sadly I still haven't decided or drawn out a pattern to put on the frame next.  Frankly my wool room needs a major cleaning to reorganize wool, separate woolly worms so the absence of a hooking project might force me to do that clean up.  Will go thru withdrawal for sure so will have to make a decision SOON.

And then.....eventually will need to bind Flower Power, but it is smaller than 1909 Horse. 



  1. Your horse piece came out beautifully. Sometimes a little break is good and going through your wool, will get you motivated again and a decision on what to start next.


  2. Saundra,,,
    I believe I have that book! Must look,,,,
    Your mat is wonderful, ,,,
    Always lots of cleanup for me after doing mats,,, I make such a mess,,,, nice to get straightened up and start a new one,,,
    I have too many on the go, at once,, but nice carry around ones for hookins and if we travel somewhere,,, I am ready,,, thanks for sharing,,,,

  3. You bound that rug is a hurry!
    I can't believe you haven't planned your next project. So unlike you.


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