Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Radiant Flower Update

Am quite happy I chose this antique adaptation as my project because I'm still having fun.  My photo doesn't do the rug justice IMHO.  Hmmm maybe I should have searched longer to find a darker brown.  But I'm NOT ripping this out.
If you forget what the original antique looked like, here is a photo of the picture which is in the Kopp book "Art Under Foot".
I started pulling out some small areas and put in darker or dirty wool to make those areas look worn.  Still have more to pull and replace.  But will also use some walnut liquid to age the light areas when the rug is all hooked.

Below are photos I took yesterday morning after yet another day of rain on Monday.  Looking thru my kitchen window noticed the Mallard family back and they were inside the fenced area but soon exited out under the fencing to deeper water beyond the fence.
Here you can see the deeper water and the water continues into the woods for a few more acres.  It will be weeks before this water dissipates.
And water on each side of the house.
If this wasn't enough water to contend with, there will be more rain because of the tropical storm along the east coast.  Maybe I should be building a raft instead of hooking a rug.



  1. Love the rug...and the colors are so wonderful! So sorry to see all that water in your yard. It's been pouring here for days..lots of flooding going on all around us. After last year's hurricane, I'm dreading the coming months!

  2. Hi Saundra,
    Love seeing your progress on Radiant Flower!! Such lovely colors!! Your poor yard!!! So very sorry you have all that water to contend with and I sure do hope the weather takes a detour away from you!! Wish you could send it out here!!! We would welcome it with open arms!!!
    Hope you have a good week!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. I absolutely LOVE that rug!!!
    Hopefully we will be getting some rain. We sure could use it. Looks like you could share some of yours :)

  4. Your rug is looking good. Will all that water give you fits with mosquitoes?

  5. Your rug looks wonderful, don't worry about it looking aged, just put it on the floor and walk on it;) You really are getting a lot of rain, saw how bad it is in some areas down south.


  6. Yikes,,,, all that water,, but what a pretty spot u live in! Just lovely! Hope not too much more rain,,,, we need rain, too,,, been windy all night and feels lime rain but none yet,,,
    Your mat looks awesome,,, love that antique look,,,,
    Take care, saundra,,,

  7. All the water ugh... I hope hooking you beautiful rug with help make your day brighter!

  8. You have replicated the original colors in this rug beautifully. Hoping that the waters recede soon for you. And hope the snakes don't accompany the water.


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