Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Vintage Rug Show

Time to share a few rug photos I've collected.  This first rug has a lot going on~ horses in the corners geometric border plus hit and miss background.  The rug measures 28 x 41, found in Pennsylvania but sadly no date was provided.
The rug below was hooked by Cecil Perrault of Quebec, Ontario Canada.  Again no date provided nor dimensions.
A floral with doves and scrolls from 19th century appears to be hooked in Waldoboro style, no size or location of find available.  
Below is a floral a follower sent me.  I has regular hooked scrolls but the urn and flowers appear to also be hooked Waldoboro style. 
Lion in the Garden has that wonderful background I like.  Since there was a lot of natural dyeing being done years ago I wonder if the lion colors faded or if that is what the hooker chose.  Sure makes the lion stand out regardless of the circumstance. 
A moose Adirondack scene measures 20 x 30.
This evening there will be MORE rain here even tho I still have 'water front property' already.  Yesterday while standing in the kitchen noticed a family of Mallard ducks and ducklings swimming in my back yard.  Yes it was a pleasant scene but would rather not have all that water in the yard.



  1. we must be missing your rain we got a gentle rain today but back to the sunshine tomorrow.
    Love the rug show the lion is wonderful. I also took a peek back and like what you are working on.

  2. The first one is my favorite. That is a lot of rain and i am sure you are sick of it.


  3. So many wonderful rugs!
    The only time I had Mallards swimming in my back yard was in the pool in my previous residence...lol!

  4. Awesome mats,,, thanks for that,,,
    Too much rain,,,
    Suppose to be sunny here today, after a rainy day yesterday, ,,,
    Getting our roof done, so good day for that,,,
    Kittys are scared , all the noises,,,
    Be glad when thats over,,,
    Have a great day,,,

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Always enjoy your rug shows!! The first one and the Lion would have to be my favorites, but I do really like them all!! So very sorry for all the rain you are having!! The only ones happy about it are the ducks!!!
    Take care and enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~


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