Thursday, May 3, 2018

Flower Power Update

This is the rug hooked in class with Eric Sandberg last month.  It isn't all that big so would like to have it done within a month after starting it.  Doubt that will happen since grass needs to be cut sometime this weekend and I've a lunch/shopping date with my sweet grandson on Saturday.
On this rug I plan to whip with wool yarn.  Am often asked how I bind my rugs and the answer is always..."depends on what I feel it needs".  This one needs that extra black edge.

Really like the dark hit and miss border, except it appears the left side has more dark than light values.  Think I'll pull out some lights at the bottom for sure, and a few on the top as well and switch to darker.  Guess I had tunnel vision working in small areas at a time and didn't take it off the frame to check enough.  This design is by Cactus Needle and sold by Nola Heidbreder.

Am about halfway done binding 1909 Horse and waiting patiently on the sidelines for a finish.

Enjoy this warm felt like summer yesterday and today.  Did we miss spring?



  1. Love the colors in your rug and the border, even with the darker side, gives it character.


  2. Love ur mat, saundra! Love a big flower mat,,,, your colors are awesome,,,, fun border, too,,,
    Exactly,,, where is spring,,, though we have a lovely rain this am,, and things greening up, yeah,,, but no grass cutting yet!!
    Have a great day,,,

  3. Love your rug & how you are doing the border !!! Feels like Summer here too !!!

  4. Flower Power is beautiful and so near completion.
    Enjoy your date 😊


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