Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pattern has a Name and Newbie Lesson

If you are a follower of my blog you will recall reading the Kopp book described this antique mat as "having a ray-like flower".  Struggling for a name to give the pattern the only flower I could think of which had ray or spike like petals was Bee Balm.

Thanks to Julie the pattern now has a name.  She suggested "Radiant Flower".  How appropriate as it makes reference to a RAY-like flower in the name.  This is what has been accomplished so far.  The color of the flower and hooked arch isn't orange; it is salmon.
I'm so into this rug that all I want to do is sit and hook but cannot be immobile for too long as I get ants in my pants so move about doing something...anything.

Okay newbies, I've a hint for you to tuck away in your cranium for future reference.  When pulling wool to hook this design I only had half yard of Spruce Ridge Teal which I wanted for the border.  It was a wool purchased around 2011 from the Wool Studio .  I wrote Rebecca but she didn't have any left in stock.  

Planning smart decided to cut up what I had in #8.5 and spread it out along the four sides of the design figuring on at least 4 times calculations for my cut.  Then divided the four sides into baggies.
As you can see the 'short side' baggie is almost empty but still has a strip of wool in there so had some left from the planning.  Now I'm working on the 'long side' baggie top right and have little more hooking to finish that side but will have enough.

However, there is inside background to use a teal.  I've some stash which will work and will use, but.... decided to reach out to see if anyone had at least another half yard of Spruce Ridge Teal wool.  AH HA!  Well of course there was someone.... Mrs. Spruce Ridge herself Kris Miller.  Today I received another yard purchased from Kris; thanks Kris for coming to my rescue.  Am so glad to have more because it is a beautiful piece of wool it is below.
So if you are in need of some beautiful teal, or if you would like to hook this design you know where to get teal.  OH, by the way, another secret to newbies who want to make a rug look old..... I used the cut wool with the light edge at the very edge of the four sides.  It gives the edge of the rug appear scuffed and worn.



  1. Great name and I like what you have done so far. Great tips.


  2. Great mat,, and great tips,, thanks,,,
    Love the salmon color,,,
    Good ideas,,,
    great name,,,

  3. Love the tip about using the light edge of the plaid on the outside.

  4. Julie came up with the perfect name :)
    This may be one of my favorite rugs that you have reproduced. Way to go!

  5. wonderful rug Saundra and a great lesson...even for this seasoned hooker...

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Oh, I am just tickled pink that you loved the name I thought of!! It just seemed to fit and happy you thought so, too!! It really is a beauty and I LOVE IT!!! So glad you found more of that yummy wool!! You always share great tips with us!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!
    Heart Hugs~


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