Saturday, May 12, 2018

Getting Closer on Choosing

Last I spoke about my next potential hooking project thought I'd narrowed it down to one antique rug, this one.
I started tracing out the design from a printed photo of the original and lost interest before the design was completely traced.  I've yards of delicious brown wool that would look great, and perfect reds.  But, as mentioned before....I'm a fickle hooker so make hard off the path turns.

Went searching thru the Joel and Kate Kopp book Folk Art Under Foot, and this one struck me as my next ...uh, victim, lol?
It hasn't been drawn out and am still  s l o w l y  whipping the edge of Flower Power.  Hard to believe I'm totally calm not having a rug on the frame to steal me away from this task of whipping.  

Who knows if this one will be 'the one'.  Will let you know as soon as it is ready to go on my frame.

Wishing everyone a very happy Mother's Day tomorrow.  So rest tonight and be prepared to be pampered tomorrow.

Thunderstorms are going to come thru here this evening and even heard a verbal 'tornado alert' for this area on my iPad thru the local weather channel.   After two trees recently went down with an April nor'easter I'm rather gun shy.  Make that storm shy.



  1. I like your next victim 😊 Sorry, I've not been around much - life. Also, we just lost a tree or two so are working on getting that mess cleaned up. Ugh!

  2. Happy moms day, saundra!
    Have a great one,
    Hope the storms blew thru and no damage,,,
    We are havjng wonderful spring days,,,,
    Love the one u are drawing out,,, oh my so pretty,,,
    Lime u have tons of reds,, and browns, too,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  3. I'm sure whatever rug you choose will be wonderful.
    I have to have one of my two HUGE maple trees cut down. It's alive but rotting and I worry about it. There are electric lines involved and I know it will cost a small fortune. Oh, the joys of home ownership :(
    Happy Mother's Day :)

  4. Well, I think you will end up making both, lol.
    I hope the storms were not bad.



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