Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Weekend

This weekend is to honor the memory of those men, women and service animals who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we may live in a free country.

I was going to post a video giving tribute to them but started crying so thought that wasn't a good idea.  Instead will post a photo of a Polly Minick design I hooked with a boy and his dog leading the parade.
Seems Blogger has another issue with folks (including me) not receiving comments directly into their email.  As I didn't get any messages on my previous post thought perhaps everyone was busy with the holiday weekend.   Then was scrolling down thru my blog noticed 7 comments so went to read them.  Guess I'll have to look at my comments more often but hope Google gets it straightened out soon.



  1. I love your Patriotic rug … cute !

  2. I love this rug also. I am not getting comments to my email either but always check directly on the blog.

  3. My first rug was a Polly Minick rug of three roosters holding a flag and marching. Love her designs.

  4. Sweet mat,,,,
    Very warm here,,, skipped spring,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,
    Enjoy ur posts,,,

  5. Such a happy little rug :)
    Blogger is still not sending me comments to my email. Makes it difficult to try to respond.


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