Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Movin' On

WHEW!!!!!!  Now I can officially move on to my present project...oops, make that two projects.  If you recall I'd started working on the Cape May Sheep, accomplished a little and then stopped to work on Stars and Diamonds.  Am thinking maybe I'd like to make my Cape May sheep into a purse/tote.  That would be a fun thing to wear at camps as a sort of 'trophy'.  

But, this evening the torturous binding of Radiant Flower is done and will hold off the final steaming until tomorrow.  I mean, how much binding regimen can a woman endure???? 

The finished size of Radiant Flower measures 22 x 31.  I was too lazy to climb the stairs to look at the master drawing to see what the dimensions were.  But do know the hooking process changes the finished size on both the warp and weft.

Have a great evening, try to stay stress free and do what makes you happy.



  1. I am all about keeping stress free! you are busy as always.

  2. I love how your rug came out, the colors are perfect. I also like your newest one, I think the older, simpler rugs with the color mixes are wonderful.


  3. It looks 'happy.' Doesn't it feel god to finish up? Maybe you should celebrate 🍷Or maybe I should celebrate for you - heehee

  4. Awesome finish, saundra!!! Good for you,, getting it done! ,
    I have 2 big finishings to do,,, and now we are expe ting a heat wave starting friday with humidity, so proably wont get done,,,,
    Shall see,,,,
    Good u can get back to hooking now,,,
    Take care,,

  5. You put us all to shame with your hooking accomplishments!


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