Sunday, June 3, 2018

Rug Pattern Thinking

Soon it will be time to start a new  project.  And with the recent May 30th sighting of a Humpback Whale off the shore at Bethany Beach, DE I'm thinking of hooking a whale.  

There is a video of that sighting but cannot figure out how to separate the video from advertisement and other news so won't post it here.  However I do have some free images to share.

Here is the mighty whale breaching.

I read some very interesting facts about this mammal which you can also read by clicking the link above.
And here is a video of a whale saving a swimmer from a nearby shark.
I have long wanted to hook a certain antique whale rug design with whalers, also have an old issue of Early American Life magazine which has an Edyth O'Neill pattern free to copy.  Or could design my own using this Cousteau Society statue as my model.  It was named "Monarch of the Sea".
But who knows what will go on my frame next as my mood changes at the drop of a hat.  Haunting me is a challenge piece which I feel responsible to do but am dreading it.  Even passed it by when choosing to  hook Radiant Flower.

Happy Sunday.... it's just another rainy day here in Delaware.



  1. So amazing !!! Lucky you were able to see this !!!

  2. I am starting to pull wool for the “Whale Hunt” pattern I purchased a few years ago. I’m going to start Hooking it at a workshop coming up with Maria Barton. So I have also been looking at pictures of whales! You know what they say, “great minds think alike”!

  3. I spent a week every summer at Bethany Beach with my parents, grandparents and sister. We rented a cabin full of knotty pine and birchbark fabric. We had dinner at the Dinnerbell Inn every year and went to the auction house on the boardwalk. I remember well, the elegant, gorgeous antiques! So much fun and such wonderful memories! Never saw a whale, but once after a hurricane we saw sharks swimming very close to shore as the lifeguards ran down the beach yelling for people to get out of the water!
    I was a lucky kid...Florida in June to visit my mother's family...August at the shore with my Dad's. What fun we had!

  4. I could use some of your rain. Planted a lot of grass seed today and it is a trial moving the sprinkler around. But the birds are enjoying their new buffet.

  5. A whale mat sounds fun, saundra!
    Have seen alot lately,,,, ( mats on online,,,, not whales!!) Ha ha!
    There are lots of nautical patterns with whales,,, summer time!
    Wow,, we finally got rain overnite, and still raining this am!!!
    We sure were dry,,, really crazy weather everywhere!!
    Hope ur backyard drys up,,,
    Take care,,,, thanks for sharing,,,

  6. I love that whale rug! But whatever you choose will be wonderful.

  7. I love the whales too. I am anxious to see what you do for the next rug.


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