Monday, June 11, 2018

Still Pondering the Next Project

I've been wavering on what to hook next.  Would like to hook an antique adaptation but guilt is leaning toward the Cape May sheep challenge.  It was the 30th Anniversary of Rugs by the Sea gift to all students at Cape May last September.   A piece of monks cloth with a sheep and waves.

No perimeter lines were drawn as it was up to the hooker to decide if it would be a mat, purse, pillow, etc.  I drew the lines you see to ensure whatever I designed would have at least 1" for binding.
The packet even included wool, roving and yarn we could use or not.  It was a generous and time consuming project for Norma and Linda to give this gift.  That is why I feel compelled to work on it before September. 

I'm not fond of monks cloth and thought of transferring it to linen...but that wouldn't make me want to hook it any more.  
I've pondered several design ideas in my head during the day and while waiting to go to sleep.  But none of them seem very good to me.  Norma sent her rendition to students coming in 2018 and asked we design ours and bring them to camp.  This is Norma's great mat with locks, shells.
Sheesh, how does one compete with that?  I don't plan on winning any prize, I just don't want to hook a dumb looking piece to submit.  Hmm.... fear of failure Saundra????  Yup, goes way back to childhood days.

Meanwhile, I've still my Radiant Flower to bind (nope not done, lol) and have my eyes set on an antique adaptation unless I change my mind before it is drawn out.

BTW, not that you're keeping score... but after yesterday's post there was yet another thunderstorm with more torrential rain.  There were sprinkles today, tomorrow is supposed to be clear but with more rain on Wednesday.

Trying to stay sane here..... but thank GOD I don't let the bad stuff drag me into a rabbit hole.  I'm the type who will think of something positive out of the worse scenario.  For that I'm blessed.

Happy Monday and happy hooking, needle punching, quilting or whatever your pleasure is.  



  1. cute pattern you could make it seasonal with a flag behind it or santa on the shore with the sheep. I am sure you are way better at this than I am. when I started I only hooked on monks cloth and really didn't mind it but most things come on linen and I do prefer it now. We are dry as a bone here we could use a bit of your rain.
    chin up and dog paddle if it gets worse.

  2. I am sure your creative juices will kick in for your sheep mat. Pinterest is a great resource of ideas.
    So sorry to hear that you need to be building an ark. Now you could add that to your sheep.

  3. That sheep is cute,,,
    Just finished lori brechlins 1863 sheep,,,, it was fun, with big trees beside it with flowers,,, and flowers coming out of ground,,,
    You will decide ,,, and it will be awesome♥♡♥
    Take care,,, in the rain,,,
    We are dry,, crazy,,, m

  4. I'm sure however you hook the sheep will be wonderful. You are always so creative.
    You really need to share some of that!


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