Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sneak Peak

Really not much to show as I've stayed true to myself by ripping out everything I hook and hook it over again.  Here is what my mini accomplishment has produced so far and what a corner of the rug looks like at this moment.
Below is how it started.  I was attempting to stay rather close to how I saw the original antique with the top diamond but it looked too light.  So used darker wool which appeals to me more although not like the original antique

Had I kept the corner anchor its original colors (before pulling out and re-hooking) it would have also been a light color and matched.   By the way, the corner anchor isn't that orange in person.
Hmmm, me thinks another setting on the camera is called for now for comparison.  In the photo below the corner isn't as orange.
If you have been following my blog you may have guessed what this new project is by now.  Will show you more of the rug as it grows.  But at the pace I'm going it may take a while.  Besides, I've some appointments coming up which will drag me from the house and I really need to finish binding Radiant Flower.  While I HATE binding rugs the angst gets worse when they start piling up.



  1. I see your blog all the time and I can't guess.
    love the colors though

  2. I love the beginning,,, but cant guess, either!
    Love surprises,,,,
    All ur mats are amazing,,,
    I have 3 to bind or finish now,,, piling up,,,, but have started a few in between,,, need to get organized because I get in a mess!!
    Have a good day,,,

  3. This looks great ...fun to see the change & how it makes it pop ….will be beautiful !!!

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Since I am doing blog "catch up", I already know what your rug is!! Love the colors in this one and always love your color choices!!
    Heart Hugs~


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