Sunday, June 10, 2018

Maintenance and Other Stuff

The Radiant Flower rug all hooked (not bound yet tho) it was time to do some maintenance.  I cleaned all 7 Townsend cutter blades for when it is time to cut more wool.
Put away the piles of wool and scrubbed the top of the cutting/drawing table.  Since there wasn't a Domestic Zoo pattern ready to go I cut a linen, serged the edges and drew it out yesterday.  Now it is ready when an order comes in.  Thought it wise to do this while the table was clean of wool and debris. 
Then another order came in for an antique adaptation for someone who likes to hook humongous designs.  She's purchased several and before drawing them on linen I always double-check with her to see if she's changed her mind.  Nope, she didn't.  I've cut and serged the linen and will draw it out tomorrow.

Then it seems some small critter enjoys my sweet basil as much as I do.  There had been a few tiny holes and this morning saw a huge chunk out of one leaf from that hog.
I made some 'easy' Minestrone soup yesterday and chopped up a few leaves for it.  Also put sweet basil in my salads ~ omg does it add to the flavor of a salad.

Won't use any leaves today so gave it a spray with Safer, the insect killing soap.  So take *'that'* you basil leaf eating insects!
Oh, not 'new' news, just the same old s**t ~ it poured rain all day yesterday so the water level has increased even more.  Mosquitos are so bad I can barely stand to be outside long enough to fill up my bird feeders.



  1. I am bad about cleaning my equipment, think it is time for me too.
    Does that really work? I have bug problems on the outdoor plants and hate using pesticides.


  2. I hope the insect soap takes care of who ever is munching on your basil !!! We have chipmunks who are digging tunnels all around shrubs ….they are doing so much damage . While visiting friend they brought out this Great gadget to keep mosquitos away from us last night , we just ordered for ourselves. It is called Thermacell Max Life ….it really worked ! Mosquitos love me & I didn't get bitten at all !!! It is just great !!! Hope you dry out there....enough rain !!!

  3. Oh your poor basil. I love it too! We need the rain this past weekend was so beautiful you couldn't ask for better. It was 70's and a light breeze.

  4. Wow,,, saundra,,, you were busy,,, and productive!
    Good for you,,, feels good! To get so much done,,,
    Sorry about more rain,,, wow! We are dry!! Its lovely, lovely cool nights , breezy days perfect temps,,, my kind of weather,,,
    Hope it gets to you,,,
    Have a great day,


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