Thursday, June 28, 2018

Old Rugs

Old rugs in Country Living magazine was my inspiration to learn how to hook so am drawn to them for home decor and fun of hooking.  I don't want to invent a new concept or technique, I just want to be me and hook what endears me.

As the July 4th holiday is coming will start with two great Eagle rugs.  The first one was hooked 1920, the eagle and background is hit and miss.  One fantastic job the hooker did using what she had to illistrate the curve of wings and definition in legs.  The original size was 39 x 43 on burlap.
Eagle below was found in Pennsylvania but no other information available, sorry.  It is a beauty and has a hit and miss border and straighted hooking across.
I've always had this 'thing' with horses.  Owned one as a kid and had to fight tooth and nail with my parents and saved babysitting money to prove I was serious.  Anyway, here is a Trotting horse hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  It measures 29 x 48 and sold for $3,304.
This was an interesting find while perusing Pinterest.  I have the Hutchinson book but don't recall seeing this in the book...maybe it is but saw this rug and saved it.

It was named "Fruits of Industry" and hooked around 1925-1935 using cotton on burlap by the Hutchinson's.
Below is a rug hooked with layered hearts, 8 point stars, spades and what I guess are scrolls.  For some reason those scrolls appear like Asian alphabet.  
Last but not least, and saving the icing for Kelley, there is.... tada.....a black cat chair pad with a pink ribbon.  
Okay kids, this is all I've got for tonight.   Finally pulled a few loops on my rug after a doctor appointment and have another doctor appointment tomorrow to establish a new Primary Care Physician.  And then on Monday a bone scan.  

I'd really rather not spend my time in a doctor office but it is best to know what is going on, right?  

Hope you have a good evening and am comfortable in my A/C as the heat and humidity is rising thru the weekend.



  1. I'm not really not a cat person, but I like that one.
    Good luck at the doctors 🍀

  2. I love the first eagle, that is really unique. I hope things go well with your appointment.


  3. Great mats,,,
    Going to be hot and humid here , too,,,
    No ac here,,, fans,,, hope there is a breeze,,,
    Take care at dr,
    I have ultrasound this am,,,
    Get it over,, the worst is drinking water and holding it for the test!! Have trouble with that,,,,
    Have good weekend,,, keep cool,,,

  4. love the first eagle. We are going into the hottest it has been in years this weekend and the next 5 days! I do not like the heat. We have had wonderful weather warm days chilly nights just perfect. We are not set up for the heat no air conditioning. I do have a small one I can put in the window but it rattles and makes so much noise who could sleep.
    good luck with the Dr.

  5. I love the background on the first in a geometric mood lately...but of course smiled at the cat! so thankful there is AC in half this house...wishing all went well at the Dr's and a good bone scan tomorrow...

  6. I like the fruit of the industry rug the best because of all the details in the rug. It must be because I'm a detail person. lol...

    Good luck with your doctor's appointment tomorrow and thanks for your comment.
    Yes, I'm stocking up on fine wine. It's my only diversion lately. Life as been so very busy. Not a whole lot of hooking time lately. The flood has really put a wrench in my wheels. So much repairs still going on. The lawn got seeded today.
    Hugs, Julia


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