Wednesday, June 13, 2018

An Antique Adaptation

Look what I just found on Pinterest.  It is an adaptation of an antique rug I posted yesterday.  This one is hooked by Weslee Hursh and you see she also hooked in her age in 2010 when she hooked it.  How cool!
And, so you don't have to scroll down to see, here is the Nancy Shippee antique posted yesterday.
Tis Wednesday, hump day for you worker bees but for the retired me, it is just another holiday.  Just need to settle down and work on my sheep a bit, bind my rug a little today, then draw out the real pattern interesting me.  Or at least the one I'm interested in today.



  1. Oh! love her colors and how she personalized it <3

  2. They are both beautiful !!!

  3. does she have a pattern out?

  4. Love that mat!!
    Wow,,,, its beautiful ,,,,
    Thanks for the pic,,,,
    Bright and not humid here today , after a storm ladt night,, did not rain much!!
    Take care,
    Have good day, saundra!

  5. I’ve always loved this rug, Weslee has hooked a beautiful rug! Woolley Fox has this pattern, maybe someday I will hook it with Barb’s color planning expertise!

  6. Weslee is a most talented hooker. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a recent hook in.
    Her rug displayed at the rug show was another masterpiece.


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