Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Last Lap

Soon it will be time to bind this rug and begin another project.  Have really enjoyed working on this, which is named Radiant Flower.  When the last loop is pulled will dab some areas with black walnut liquid.
The colors aren't as washed out as it appears in the photo.  And, the original antique did have that extra length of a black strip as well as the change of color at the bottom of the light stripe on the side.

Seems my stash of Olde Patina is getting thin so will need to do another batch of dyeing to replenish my supply.

Father's Day is coming up real soon so tomorrow will give you an idea as a gift for those men who like to read manly adventurous novels.



  1. another wonderful job Saundra...the flower really is radiant and perfectly antique at the same time...

  2. Faster than a speeding bullet for sure for you to hook that rug!

  3. Love those Greens/teals with the pinks, not sure if I am seeing the true colors, but looks stunning together.


  4. I guess if I stuck to one mat ,,, I would get alot done!!
    Wow, saundra,,, its beautiful, ,,, love it!
    Seems fast!!
    I started another small mat,, so have 3 on the go,! Why do I do that,,,,
    Not counting a long runner I startedlast year! A winter project,, to be worked on again this winter!
    Thanks for sharing,,,,


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