Friday, June 15, 2018

Moving Forward Slowly

Am being productive but at a snail pace.  Started binding Radiant Flower, an antique adaptation that reminds me of Bee Balm.  You can see the previous blog post by clicking the link a few words back.

Am presently working on the Cape May Sheep piece and will show you this part for now ~ at least I've started.
Have also chosen my next rug project and hope to start soon.  Yes, it is another antique adaptation and as it has been drawn so I've gone beyond the point of no return.  Yup, I'm now committed.

Stay tuned to see what happens next and worse come to worse, I'll post antique rug pictures.  Hey, that's a win win....right?

Happy Friday.



  1. wonderful movement in the sheep's wool...looking forward to seeing more...

  2. Looking forward yo the next antique adaptation reveal!

  3. Fun sheep,,,
    Just finished lori brechlin 1863 sherp pattern and want to do her tombstone sheep next! Love sheep,,,,
    Have a great weekend,,,

  4. I love that little sheep and can't wait to see how you hook the background.

  5. I like the shading on the sheep, nice choice of colors and blending. I have one on monks that a friend gave me, was thinking of using wool yarn for the sheep, then hooking around it.



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