Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Passing Away Time

I'm really not into hooking the piece on my frame (the sheep) but want something to fill my time.  Not into binding my last rug either, but not that bored I'd actually run the vacuum and dust...gawd forbid. 😉

So think I'll look at some antique rugs and share with you.  I'll start off putting a smile on Kelley's face with Two Cats from 1900 found in Pennsylvania.  Think those are your colors Kelley... so what'cha gonna do?
This was an interesting rug and sadly tattered from age since it is truly a beauty.  From the script I'm guessing Nancy Shippee was 38 when she hooked this rug in 1851.  Except for the edge it looks in good shape.
Below is a rug hooked by Annie Stevens great great grandmother...uh, think I've got that right.  Lucky her to have a treasure a family member hooked.  Too often I go to the thrift store and see quilts and worn hooked items given away by the 'throw away' generation their family members have hand made.
A snowflake design below was hooked circa 1900 on burlap and measured 34 x 40.
This Flying Horse rug below is awesome.  The information was it was hooked between 1880-1890  an measured 361/2 x 37.  The horse has a blanket and the border is a geometric top and bottom.  But something of this speaks to me as a cave drawing.
Here is a primitive scroll rug being sold by Sothby's, sorry, no date or size given.  But what a great way to use up lots of left over worms and not have to worry about the nick picking of detail.  Hmmm, maybe that is what I should be working on.
Okay, one more then the rubber meets the road and decision on what the heck to do the rest of the evening.  It won't be vacuuming.  Hey, this is another great primitive design to use up those odd nicely primitive colors.  Personally, I love the drab dull colors of antique rugs.  But can also see this with brighter reds, greens and yellows as well.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And so is life.  I'm thankful for every day I wake up even if every step or turn in bed hurts.  Not sure if it is all due to the osteo arthritis, but think the right leg/hip/back pain is due to the sciatic nerve.   Have had my share of struggles in life and lately here with trees, flooding, etc.  But there is so much joy that I LOOK FOR and make myself happy.

I change channels on the TV on depressing news, get off FB when there is negativity and generally choose to be happy.

Happy Tuesday folks.



  1. I'm with you every day is a gift.

  2. I end each day with being thankful for the little blessings throughout the day. I always try to do at least one thing, just for fun, we all need that to get us through the tough days. Love the colors in the kitty rug, too.


  3. Blessings come in the small things of life.
    I have never see someone sign their age when doing a rug, interesting. I find that snowflake rug interesting the flake itself in a bit intricate and the squiggles on the corners very primitive.
    I would love to do the basket of flowers.

  4. Interesting mats, love that basket of flowers,,,,
    I get in a bored fibe too,,,, and dont knpw what to do next , etc,,, so end up knitting or crocheting or reading,,,,
    Life is good!!!

  5. Pretty rug show !!! We do have to be thankful for all we have in our life & think of the how fortunate we are to be able to create pretty things with our hands .
    Hope it is Sunny & dry there !!!

  6. You know I have that cat rug saved...thinking about using their forms for some applique...love the bottom rug...the 2nd from the bottom reminds me of polyps seen in CT images at work so no hooking that one for me! the Nancy Shippee rug is amazing...


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