Wednesday, June 6, 2018

This n' That

The other day I received an order for a doll from my old web site.  When going to the containers to see if Althea was still available I had doubts.  Lo and behold there she was.  Here is her photo from the web site.  Happy to sell some of my stock as I'm no longer making dolls or doing shows.  They are all stored safely in my home in a temperature controlled environment.  Sometimes take a couple to sell when attending rug camps.  
I kept the Domain Name so the old web site is view-able on the web.  But the software with which I built the web site is extinct so can no longer make changes.   There is a newer RUG PATTERNS site I built which needs updating as I've more patterns to list.  If you are a rug hooker click on the link to view what rug designs are offered.  The latest couple might not be listed so inquire.

Now to the 'that' part.  My close friends know this already but now I'm sharing with my readers.  Before I was divorced my now ex was writing his very first novel.  He has always been a veracious reader and had many life-times worth of experiences.  He often shared those world travels and military experiences with me and I constantly suggested he write a book.  
BJ, won't give his real name as BJ Coltrayne is his pen name, is a member of the Association of the US Army, Marine Corps Association and the Rhodesian Army Association.  The main character's name in all the books is Frank Burnham.   BJ is now working on his 7th book; here is a list of his novels:
  • The Jackals Feed: A Novel of Africa (The Burnham's Book 1)
  • Blue Dragon Cafe: A Novel of Indochina (Book 2)
  • Venganza: A Novel of Central America (Book 3)
  • Lone Wolves:  A Novel of Terrorism (Book 4)
  • Mukaro Mission Redux: A Novel of Africa (Book 5)
And his most recent published book "First Strike" (Book 6)
If you know someone who enjoys mind-travelling the world with intrigue and action you might want to suggest these books.  If you'd like to read the reviews or perhaps purchase an eBook for a Father's Day gift you can check it out by clicking the link to AMAZON .  

He gave me his first 3 books in paper back but I've since purchased a Kindle and have all 6 of his books downloaded on it to keep them together.  Once his present novel is published I will purchase that eBook version as well.

Oh, I cannot finish that segment without mentioning that 3 times per year for 10 years after the divorce he came to my house and dog sat plus did homeowner repairs.  Quite a guy I'd say.

Okay, back to real to finish Radiant Flower and decide what will go on my frame next.  Think I might try working on that 'challenge' piece but not sure just how long that will last.  



  1. I have not heard of his books but that means nothing.
    It is nice you parted ways as friends.

  2. I can't believe how quickly you have been hooking Radiant Flower. I am impressed!!! is ex hubby doing? Congrats on his latest book.

  3. Wow,,,
    Did not know that!
    My husband may have read them! Will ask,,,
    Your mat is great!
    Almost done,,,
    Take care, saundra,,,
    Always an interesting post,,,,

  4. I have a lot of old things I need to sell off, most are yard sale items at this point.
    What an interesting fact about you, that I didn't know. Bill is not a reader and I haven't read in ages.



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