Sunday, March 24, 2019

Finally Hooked

Hallelujah, the Paisley Stair Riser is all hooked and no longer a UFO; well, except for binding.
I have bound rugs various ways and don't have a favorite as I hate binding in any form.  The rug usually dictates how it wants to be bound and this one will be whipped with wool yarn.

Notice those cute and useful tiny red Clover Wonder Clips?  Those were purchased at Hancock Fabrics before they closed up but am sure Amazon would sell them or perhaps even a JoAnn Fabric store.

Am looking forward to starting on another but more fun rug ~ after this anything would be more fun.  But at least it is finally finished.

Enjoy your afternoon and happy hooking, quilting, stitching or whatever you do.



  1. It’s looking great Saundra!!! You’re fast!

  2. I can't believe you are done with that and have started the binding. My hook(s) are gathering dust :(

  3. Yeah! Looks great, saundra!
    Good to be finished,,,,
    I have quite a few ufos,,,, in hooking,,,,
    But , they are bigger mats,,,, one is a runner,,, another one is smaller ,,, bith will get done,, along with smaller ones I love to do,,,
    I use thise clips,,, they are so great!
    Have a great day!

  4. I rather like this one. Will you use it as a stair riser? It is always such a great feeling to get a UFO off your plate.

  5. This came out wonderful Saundra!!! I like the understated borders on the ends... On this subject, I know I am probably in the minority as I know at least Lauren shares your dislike of binding, but I enjoy it...It’s so mindless I can do it watching television, etc and is easy to pick up and put down as necessary. Plus it means you are ever so close to a completion. And now I am going to fess up.... Exactly WHAT are those clips for??? I have hooked for a long while, and have never seen them used? (Yes, we have a lot of large rocks here in Nod....) ~Robin~


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