Sunday, March 17, 2019

Paisley Stair Riser

Am truly surprised I've lasted this long trying to finish the project started so many years ago.  But it just might happen 😀.  I mean, it only measures  9 x 25 and has been a laborious task for me.  Here is what this small piece looks like now.
Before starting the journey after a several year hiatus, this is what it looked like.  If you read the previous posting you know I chose to change the paisley design from jagged to rounded.  Uh, because it will not be hooked in a narrow cut.  I'm hooking it in #8 and #8.5.
Right now I've no clue what to do with the end designs.  Have also wondered if there are too many different colors in the center of the paisleys.  Since I want this piece done yesterday doubt there will be any reverse hooking going on.  ....but...... suggestions will be accepted.



  1. I like it with the different colored centers. I would make it a point to have them all different. Also the little dots in the edge design s. I love this piece! It's stunning.

  2. You will have this done tout de long last 😁

  3. I really like it , saundra!
    Firgot about it!
    I did a few paisley mats over the years and enjoyed them,,,
    I like the different colors in centres, too!
    you will have this done soon!
    Have a great day!

  4. Well you are rolling right along on this now that you have picked it up again.
    I am sure you will have this done and bound before I finish the rug I have been working on for a month.

  5. It’s looking great Saundra.... I do like the different colors in the centers, but I would probably have chose 3 main center colors and then just mixed up their placement in each vertical row....but I’m odd like that LOL. I so know the struggle of unfinished projects..... sometimes they go unfinished to the point of wondering why I started them in the first place.... ;-) Happy Monday! Robin


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