Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Old Rugs on My Mind

...anyone else up for seeing some old rugs??  This rug  was described as 'Folky Blue Birds' hooked between 1930-39 and found in Lancaster, PA.  Auction house said it measures 23 x 40.
Colorful geometric with block background.  Little things drive me crazy with wonder on the mind of the hooker.  Like why did the hooker add that little red line in the left "C"?  Had she not, it would have had the same characteristics of the right side.  Plus, she didn't use that tidbit of red to fill in the connective V between.  Said to have been hooked pre 1900 and measured 21 x 41.
A concentric floral with the rectangle under the square being a little off kilter and endearing to me.  No date or dimensions given.
From the estate of a horse farm comes this Gold Horse with horse shoes in the corners and subdued flowers.  Was hooked mid 20th century no dimensions provided.
A Dog at Rest from the estate of Gail and Charlie Lohr, Rockingham County, VA.  Rug measures 17 x 18.5 and hooked early 20th century.
A Bird late 19th century which is one we've all seen numerous times in books.  Measures 22 x 33.
Two cats in oval with hit and miss border, hooked 1885 per auction house.
This Indian Brave surrounded by a geometric design was hooked around 1920 and comes from Thomaston, Maine.  Measures 20 x 40.
Hope you enjoyed the show.



  1. Fun to see neat old rugs …..the little quirks add so much character .

  2. I have an answer for you re. the red stripe in the C. You see she'd finally gotten the kids to bed, and cleaned up what the cat left on the floor next to the sofa. She sat down and inadvertently picked up the red noodle. She had no sooner began hooking when little Maggie came out and said her tummy didn't feel good resulting in what sour tummies do. She was up all night and by the time she sat back at the rug, she thought "I'm just gonna keep going." And that's why there's a red strip in the C. 😁

  3. Love the cats and hit and miss!
    He old mats have character, ,,
    And she probably ran out ,,,, of reds!
    Back then having to use what was in ur scrap basket,,,,
    Who knows!
    Happy spring!

  4. I like the Springy bird and he’s a new one for me

  5. Lovely show! Hard to choose a favorite...I am really drawn to the horse, dog, “famous” bird and kitties....guess I have a penchant for animals LOL. And, ya know....those little quirlks are puzzling....but I like Lady Locust’s theory.... Happy Spring Saundra! ~Robin~


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