Sunday, March 31, 2019

This and That

For our enjoyment I will post some old rug photos.  Those and the intermittent hooking I'll accomplish today will be my only fun today.  Why you ask?  Because today is liquids and doctor's concoction ~ it is prep day for my endoscopy and colonoscopy tomorrow.   Now don't you feel better about your day? 😒

Will start off with a geometric from the 1900s which measures 18 x 36.
This cow rug was hooked 19th century and measures 24 x 36.
Lovely old Peacock rug below but don't have dimensions.  Friend Pamm Gunn hooked an adaptation of this.
The rug below measures 34 x 79 and was said to be an early Waldoboro.
A Homestead Landscape from the Donna Fields collection hooked in the 1900s.  Measurements are 24 x 39.
From Brook Crossing, South Promfret, VT is where this fish rug was located.  Hooked in the 19th century it measures 21 x 36.
This well worn rug must have had a special meaning to the hooker.  Am thinking it was the person's property, with flowers, tree and family plot on the land.  From a private collection in Virginia it measures 18 x 37.
Although this doesn't look like an antique thought I'd show it anyway.
Two glasses of the concoction have been consumed with 8 more to go.  The only pleasure I'm getting out of this is crossing off the glass images  on the instruction sheet as I drink.  
Enjoy your Sunday.



  1. Hope your testing goes well.🙏🏻

  2. Good luck with your testing tomorrow. I hope it all goes well for you.

  3. Oh I love that first geometric.
    Ugh. The prep is worse than the procedure.
    I hope you pass with flying colors!!!

  4. Oh good luck tomorrow , drinking that stuff is the worst , but at least you don't need to drink as much as you used to !
    Love the Old Homestead rugs !

  5. hope you have an uneventful day tomorrow...I laugh when I hear people often go out to eat after the that homestead rug too...

  6. Erg~ good luck at the doctor's tomorrow. Is it just me or that cow's eye kinda creepy? The home and landscape Field's collection is amazing!

  7. Yikes! Saundra, will be thinking of you today,,,
    A regular clean out!!
    Have had a colonoscpy twice but not the other!
    Get it over with,,,,
    Snow arrived here sat , with even more on sunday and cold!
    Looks like a christmas card here,,, kind of pretty, ,, but not for april 1st!!!
    Take care ,,,,♡

  8. Meant to say,,, love that geometric one and the homestead mat!
    Thanks for sharing,,,
    They are all fun!!

  9. always love your antique rugs!

  10. What a wonderful array of rugs! The colors in the geometric are fabulous! Hope by now the worst is over!

  11. Love the geometric.... Hope all went well with your procedures. Yes, the prep is the worst.....The last time it made me so ill that they almost rescheduled the procedure....but I almost started crying because I didn't want to have to redo the prep.... Now I am overdue again. Dang..... Happy April ~ Robin


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