Friday, March 8, 2019

For Sale

If you like rug warp I've got a deal for you.  If you like florals and bee skeps you're gonna be even happier.  Here is a pattern designed by Pat Hornafus called Bee Hive with Flowers.  The design measures 30 x 37 but has a very wide extra edge if you wanted an elaborate or wider border.  $40 plus priority shipping.  Since the package weighs over 1 lb it cannot ship first class.  Shipping cost would determine on your location in the U.S.
Below is a picture of how Pat must have hooked hers.
For sale also is a 31" long gripper strip.
Two photos; one showing the front and measurement of just the gripper part.
Another photo of the back and showing the total width of the base.  This is UN-used and was the size which fit the slots on my Puritan frame.  But could also be used for other frames as well.
And finally, instructions on how to attach the gripper strip to your frame.  $28 plus shipping.  Will do combined shipping if you purchase both.
If you have an interest in either or both, please contact me thru the "EMAIL ME" section on the right side bar.  That is because if you are a no reply blogger that would be the only way I could contact you.

I would accept personal check, money order or PayPal ~ which ever is most convenient for you.

Happy Friday and always happy hooking.


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  1. Some good deals there,, saundra!
    Weather nice today, and yesterday, but colorado low comi g in with winds, freeze rain,,, snow!
    Oh no,,,
    Stay safe there , too,,,


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